About us

V&S is a manufacturer specializing in the making of machine parts, assemblies and construction in the short term. As a technology partner, we work with you to provide fast and classy solutions for your most demanding requirements. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialists in mechanical engineering, metalworking, metrology and electronics. We will help you create your details, minimize costs and reduce your time to market.


Our activity

Metalworking is what we do best! We have worked with clients in the military industry, medicine, optics, a consumer sector, telecommunications, printing, food industry, air transport. Our processing services cover a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, graphite, many types of industrial and consumer plastics, wood and other exotic materials.

V&S can provide you with complete inspection reports, according to your requirements. We often provide free assistance in designing details, generating drawings and reverse engineering. We want to provide personalized service to make sure your engineering goals are met.

Vodenicharov 5-axis machine
”If the lathes stop spinning the world will stop.”

~ Kiichiro Toyoda


Vizion and mission

The mission of Vodenicharov and Son Ltd. (V&S) is to provide its customers with innovative, high quality, metalworking services that constantly exceed expectations. This is achieved through continuous analysis and improvement of existing technologies, according to the philosophy of the Japanese Kaizen. Our goal of continuous improvement, constant quality and innovative procedures allows us to provide exceptional products to our customers.

Vodenicharov & Son provides a safe, pleasant and stimulating work environment for every person associated with the company. V&S provides opportunities for individual growth and development.

The goal of V&S is to be recognized by our partners, customers and employees as a company dedicated to quality, service and integrity.

Stanless steel turning parts in Vodenicharov CNC shop




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    To request a quote, you only need to upload 3D models and drawings of your details.

    3D model formats with .x_t .step .igs .dxf .dwg .sldprt .sldasm .stp .asm .stl are supported

    Drawing formats with .pdf, .dwg, .dxf are supported.

    * The allowable size of each file is 7 MB. In case you are sending larger files, use WeTransfer .