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CNC Milling and Turning

Vodenicharov touch probe activation

Turning and Milling 3,4,5-axis

The CNC machines at Vodenicharov & Son offer large capacity for turning and milling on precise details with small and medium size, with world class accuracy.Using multiaxual technology and highly qualified personnel technicians, you will find that, milling, drilling,threading, processing deep holes and production of complex details are performed at expert levels.

In Vodenicharov & Son you have a wide range of machines capable of providing you with the machining needed for your short-term and long-term needs. Ensuring consistent and high quality of your details is a priority for our team.

The energy of our team is focused on offering you the complete service – from creating their prototype to introducing the details into series production.

In our work we use the latest technologies in the field of CNC milling:

* High-end manufacturing
* High-speed milling
* Lights out manufacturing
* Online monitoring
* Intelligent tool and workholdin

For our needs we have powerful SAM software with complete support of all our milling and turning machines, with the ability to generate programs for full 5-axis machining.

V&S machines can process carbon steel, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, industrial plastics, copper, brass, wood and graphite.

We understand the industry’s need for quality and precise details. Our processing and control methods maintain higher accuracy than standard ones. All our machines are equipped with Intuitive Prome System, which guarantees absolutely precise milling. Thanks to them, the difference between the instrument lengths is 1-2 microns.

Schtancovne Stamping


The processing of sheet materials by plastic deformation in mechanical engineering is commonly called punching. Its wide distribution is due not only to the general advantages of plastic deformation, but also to some specific technological possibilities for punching - obtaining flat and spatial details with complex shape, for which other processing methods are unsuitable, including thin-walled shells and hollow products; production of interchangeable parts with high precision, without additional machining; low cost of products in serial and mass production.Punching methods are also used for the manufacture of wire and tubular products, in assembly operations, and for the processing of non-metallic materials.

Schlaifane Grinding


To fully satisfy your needs, we have a flat grinder, cylindrical grinder and thread grinder. Flat sander.

Perlovane Bead-Blasting-1

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting is the process of spraying the surfaces of parts with microscopic glass beads called pearls. The effect is matting on the surface of the part. The process is compatible with the Anodization, and the end result is a matte, black detail.

pokritiq coating


The services described below are not provided by Vodenicharov and Son, but by external companies. They are a very important element of production and most of the details produced by us have a surface finish.

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